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Ojasvini is a content analyst who specializes in finding the best software options. She analyses market trends and uses her diverse background to write for multiple audiences.

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5 Best time tracking software in Australia

Published on 15/03/2023 by Ojasvini

Time tracking software can help businesses stay organised and simultaneously keep track of their workload. This article includes a list of Australia's five best time tracking software, having a minimum of 4/5 star user ratings. Continue Reading


Chatbots Vs Conversational AI: What’s The Difference?

Published on 13/02/2023 by Anna Hammond and Ojasvini

This article was originally published on 11/08/2020. Businesses might be aware of the limitations of chatbots when it comes to engaging with customers. Getting to the next stage of customer service automation might involve using conversational AI platforms. This article explains what is conversational AI and will... Continue Reading


What is property management software?

Published on 22/12/2022 by Sonal Srivastava and Ojasvini

This article was originally published on 19/10/2021. Property management tools can help estate agents, property managers, brokers, and landlords centralise their data and workflows. Such tools offer features such as lease tracking, tenant portal and document management. Read more to find out about the benefits of... Continue Reading


Why do businesses need a CRM system?

Published on 20/12/2022 by Ojasvini

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can potentially help businesses and employees manage interactions with their customers, clients or potential leads effectively. But, do all businesses need a CRM system? Read our article to find the answer. Continue Reading


3 Best inventory management software in Australia

Published on 07/12/2022 by Ojasvini

Inventory management software can help businesses track stock levels, identify changes in customer demands, and simultaneously respond to such changes effectively in order to maintain order fulfilment. This article includes a list of the three best inventory management software in Australia, having a minimum of 4.1/5... Continue Reading


79% Australian users use digital wallets as debit/credit cards

Published on 15/11/2022 by Ojasvini

Digital wallets might have become a popular payment method these days, specifically since the pandemic. But are Australian customers comfortable with going fully cardless for daily payments? Read more to find out about customer behaviour regarding such wallets and how frequently they are being used. Continue Reading


What makes Australian customers abandon online purchases?

Published on 01/09/2022 by Ojasvini

The demand for the eCommerce market might have evolved with people switching to digital channels for everyday tasks. This study aims to understand Australian customers’ behaviour towards online shopping. Further, it also investigates why consumers potentially abandon an online purchase. Continue Reading


5 Top appointment scheduling software in Australia

Published on 15/07/2022 by Ojasvini

Looking for software to manage your online bookings and appointments? We have curated a list of the top five appointment scheduling software listed on GetApp Australia, along with their key features. All five tools have user ratings above 4.5/5 stars. Continue Reading


Why invest in digital marketing?

Published on 15/06/2022 by Ojasvini

In today’s online landscape, digital marketing strategies might help businesses connect with their customers effectively. This article will talk about digital marketing benefits, and why companies should invest in it. We have also listed a few steps that could help small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) create an... Continue Reading


5 Top knowledge management software

Published on 06/05/2022 by Ojasvini

Businesses can potentially create a cooperative and productive environment with the help of a suitable knowledge management tool. In this article, we have curated a list of five top knowledge management software with average overall user ratings above 4.5/5 stars listed on GetApp Australia. Continue Reading


5 Best-rated animation software

Published on 26/04/2022 by Ojasvini

Animation software helps users create professional animated videos, images, and logos. These animations can then be used on social media platforms, websites, and for other projects. In this article, we have given a list of the five best-rated animation software with a minimum of 4/5 star user ratings. Continue Reading


Benefits of a hybrid cloud model

Published on 27/01/2022 by Ojasvini

This article will talk about a hybrid cloud model and its benefits. We will also discuss the different types of cloud computing and whether a hybrid cloud model is right for your business. Continue Reading