Real estate agents are usually responsible for a great number of tasks relating to the management, maintenance, and monitoring of all manner and sizes of properties. Moreover, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, stepping out to monitor property-related issues may not be an option for some real estate agents. In this article, we will explore the … Continue Reading

Hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors pay visits to premises like offices, hospitals, construction sites, and schools on a daily basis, making it difficult for such institutions to keep track of everyone. As a result, a lot of companies these days are aiming to move from traditional register-based records to digital platforms to monitor such … Continue Reading

Weak passwords can make it easy for hackers to gain access to your computer, files, and network server. Although password security is highly important for both personal and work accounts, not all users follow password authentication guidelines. Businesses may also not be using password management systems, which make it simple to manage online passwords and, … Continue Reading

Biometric methods are a form of digital identification, which enables a person to have access to systems, devices, or data records. These identifiers require the unique physical or behavioral characteristics of the user, such as fingerprints, DNA, and voice or facial recognition, for example, which make up their biometric data. Biometric technology may use quick, … Continue Reading

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way organisations prioritise their goals and agendas, with digital acceleration now at the forefront for Australian businesses. A recent study found a shared belief that technological factors will be the most important force impacting companies over the next two to three years. This trend is set to sit at … Continue Reading

Since the global COVID-19 outbreak began in 2020, much discussion regarding the importance of technology has focused on the enablement of remote working. In a contactless or socially distanced world, the majority of interactions with colleagues, partners, and customers take place virtually by way of collaboration and communication tools. However, it is important to note … Continue Reading

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is forcing organisations to commit to remote working to combat the spread of the virus and future-proof their business. For most organisations, keeping employees safe and productivity levels elevated means fast-tracking the use of new digital communication and collaboration tools to support global and local teams. But as society turns its focus from initial … Continue Reading

The coronavirus crisis may have changed the way Australians work permanently. After working remotely for over nine months, new research suggests many now prefer a ‘hybrid’ format (mixing remote and in-office working), and believe it increases their productivity. As organisations across every industry rapidly adapted to this new normal, online collaboration tools like video conference … Continue Reading

Earlier this year, Ipsos Australia reported that environmental issues now rank as the number one concern for Australians—particularly those in millennial and generation Z age groups. Today, it seems this concern is increasingly influencing Aussie purchasing decisions. New research from GetApp reveals 47% of online shoppers are happy to wait longer for their eCommerce deliveries … Continue Reading

The modern consumer expects to receive instantaneous customer service and prompt deliveries. Retail chains must function according to those demands or watch their competitors capture their market share. The pandemic has transformed that trend into a titanic version of its former self, and one logistics system is helping to drive the change: The click and … Continue Reading

COVID-19 is forcing a major and imminent transformation in the retail sector. While Australia took an aggressive approach towards fighting the virus early on, ongoing clusters in Melbourne and Sydney have kept much of the country closed down from each other. For those states that are open, ongoing social distancing restrictions will be in effect … Continue Reading

Just over one in ten (12%) consumers are using virtual reality (VR) technology to shop in Australia, according to a GetApp survey. But, because of the pandemic, 44% of respondents say they’re more willing to use it. In this article, GetApp reveals how VR technology is being used in Australia—as well as the most prominent … Continue Reading

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies blur the line between physical and virtual worlds. In this article, we highlight how VR and AR in retail are revolutionising the consumer shopping experience. What is AR shopping? Augmented reality (AR), according to Gartner, represents: “The real-time use of data and information including graphics, text, audio … Continue Reading

Augmented reality shopping technology isn’t a new concept in the retail industry, but it’s not common either. Just 17% of Australian consumers have used it to shop online according to GetApp’s survey—even less (11%) have used the technology in stores.  Yet, because of COVID-19, interest in augmented shopping is on the rise: On average, 51% … Continue Reading

Most businesses are aware of the limitations of chatbots when it comes to engaging with customers. But moving to the next stage of automation in customer service involves getting to grips with the world of conversational AI platforms. This article explains: How conversational AI works The key differences between chatbots vs conversational AI How to … Continue Reading

Business Intelligence (BI) tools first appeared in the 1960s in their initial form of decision support systems (DSS). Compared to other software solutions, BI tools have undergone extensive development.  Businesses worldwide are discovering the benefits, value and wide range of applications of high-performance BI software. According to Statistics, the global BI market will reach about … Continue Reading

The best LMS (Learning Management Software) systems in 2020 are revolutionising how businesses train their staff. The systems automate employee training tasks to optimise their skillset for increased performance and high-end results. Corporate LMS software is available for internal use to train staff and for external use for customer training.  Read on to find out … Continue Reading

Knowledge management is a concept many companies tend to overlook, simply due to a lack of awareness of what it is. It refers to the collating of internal company information to be made available to all departments and employees in one place at the same time. Knowledge management tools can be hugely beneficial in streamlining … Continue Reading

With COVID-19 continuing, a large part of the working population is performing their 9-5 online from the comfort of their own home. But many entrepreneurs are now aware that not all of the data they need is accessible online from home. In some cases, it’s because it’s confidential. For others, it’s because they didn’t store … Continue Reading

How many hours have you wasted hunting for a document that’s gone missing? How much anxiety have you felt searching through messy digital folders in search of an essential file?  If these issues sound familiar to you, you’re likely in need of an online document management system. The necessity of such systems is even greater … Continue Reading

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has had a global impact on businesses across a range of industries. Many businesses need to maintain contact with customers and are looking at ways to manage this given social distancing and isolation, so now is a more pertinent time than ever to consider setting up a virtual call … Continue Reading

Most business organisations have workflow solutions in place, and many will have already considered dedicated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems. The real corporate dilemma is whether to opt for ‘tried and tested’ on-premise ERP software or migrate to a cloud-based ERP solution. Any automated ERP system will impact the operational efficiency of your business, … Continue Reading

A quick way small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) can ramp up their cyber defences is by securing their company passwords. Luckily, the task doesn’t have to be complicated. Password management software is a great, inexpensive approach to strengthening digital security initiatives. In this article, we reveal three of the best free password managers available to … Continue Reading

How well do you know the data your business collects? Many businesses, big and small, collect large amounts of data through their systems and processing. And often, they are collecting information that goes unnoticed, stowed away to gather dust on a server. This is known as “dark data,” and more companies are using big data … Continue Reading

When you think of graphic design programs, the first thing that comes to mind is Adobe Photoshop. The platform has well and truly earned its stripes as the industry leader. But Photoshop might be overkill for small businesses that only require everyday image editing functionality. There are several free photoshop alternatives available on the market … Continue Reading

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