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Published on 16/04/2024 by Andrew Blair

GetApp’s latest report finds out why adopting supply chain management software is imperative for safeguarding supply chains and ensuring uninterrupted business operations as international business challenges continue.  … Continue Reading

Published on 07/03/2024 by Andrew Blair

Is your company considering introducing artificial intelligence (AI) tech into their project management processes? GetApp discovers how AI investments in project management (PM) produce promising outcomes by facilitating automation and driving efficiency. Are increasing investments in AI software signalling a transformative shift in project management? … Continue Reading

Published on 20/02/2024 by Andrew Blair

GetApp’s latest study on current project management practices reveals optimism from many industry professionals in AI’s potential to address project management challenges. This article investigates factors that can lead to project failure and how AI can help streamline processes and enhance efficiency within a project management framework. … Continue Reading

Published on 05/12/2023 by Andrew Blair

What should small to midsized enterprises (SMEs) consider when choosing between a coworking space or a private office? We find out what Australian employees think about each, and how organisations can adapt these workplaces to meet their employees’ needs.  … Continue Reading

Published on 10/11/2023 by Andrew Blair and Anna Hammond

This article was originally published on 30/03/2022. Most business organisations have workflow solutions in place, and many may be considering a dedicated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to integrate all of their departments and functions into a single system. However, should your business opt for the tried and tested on-premise ERP software or should you migrate to a cloud-based ERP solution? … Continue Reading

Published on 06/11/2023 by Andrew Blair

Have you heard the story of the Trojan horse or the saying about a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Cybercriminals employ similar tactics to these metaphors, known as phishing. GetApp discovers how phishing attacks may affect organisations and what senior managers do to combat these cyberthreats. … Continue Reading

Published on 09/10/2023 by Andrew Blair

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can help construction companies navigate the housing crisis in Australia by offering solutions to keep up with property demand and the difficulties of the real estate industry. Professionals in the real estate industry can use ERP to execute projects more efficiently and effectively. This article evaluates why ERP is important for property construction and how it can help professionals.  … Continue Reading

Published on 18/09/2023 by Andrew Blair

In part one of this two-part series, we learned that nearly 8 out of 10 respondents like working remotely and a significant proportion perceive themselves as more productive. In this article, we evaluate the security measures taken by these employees and what steps small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) can take to set up more secure remote work environments. … Continue Reading

Published on 18/09/2023 by Andrew Blair

Many small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) in Australia have adopted remote and hybrid working models, initially spurred on by the pandemic. However, what have we learnt since then and what lies ahead for the future of work? In this article, we learn about remote and hybrid employees' location-specific difficulties and needs, and what small businesses can do about them. … Continue Reading

Published on 27/08/2023 by Andrew Blair

The generative AI tool ChatGPT creates novel content by responding to user prompts and may become increasingly powerful and accessible. However, ChatGPT use has some challenges and ethical issues attached. To help small businesses become better equipped at using such tech, we surveyed 463 generative AI users to learn about its various benefits and limitations. … Continue Reading

Published on 03/08/2023 by Andrew Blair

Keeping track of all your business expenses can be easier with the right software. We explore the functionality and features of expense management tools so you can choose the best one for your startup. … Continue Reading

Published on 25/07/2023 by Andrew Blair

Some SMEs in Australia are ditching their traditional desk phone system for a software-based one, but what is a softphone? Here’s why you might want to switch to softphones. … Continue Reading

Published on 17/07/2023 by Andrew Blair

Generative AI tools have rapidly advanced in their ability to create new and original content, but have companies been as quick to ensure safe and proper use of them in the workplace? We look at the use and challenges of generative AI and find out if employees receive guidance on how to take advantage of this emerging technology.  … Continue Reading

Published on 30/05/2023 by Andrew Blair

As technology advances, so do the skills of hackers seeking to exploit system vulnerabilities. Therefore, in a fast-evolving digital ecosystem, businesses must anticipate cybersecurity challenges to give consumers confidence in data security. What do consumers expect from companies to secure their data? … Continue Reading

Published on 11/05/2023 by Andrew Blair

Every business wants its customers to keep coming back —but how? We take a look at customer retention strategies SMEs can put in place to build brand loyalty. … Continue Reading

Published on 09/05/2023 by Andrew Blair

Digital trust enables organisations and individuals to participate confidently in the connected world, knowing their information is secure. However, organisations may need to go beyond the implementation of security measures to gain digital trust. We find out how privacy concerns affect digital trust and how effective a privacy policy can be.  … Continue Reading

Published on 11/04/2023 by Andrew Blair

We evaluated consumer search preferences and habits in part one of this two-part series. Here, we find out how privacy concerns and trust in information affect consumer search behaviour on online search platforms. Which search platforms do Australians find more trustworthy and why?  … Continue Reading

Published on 28/03/2023 by Andrew Blair

Search engines provide users with a wealth of information at their fingertips and have typically been the go-to search platforms for many years. However, the widespread uptake of social media is influencing new search habits and preferences. As such, what impacts is social media having on the use of search engines across generations?  … Continue Reading

Published on 15/03/2023 by Ojasvini

Time tracking software can help businesses stay organised and simultaneously keep track of their workload. This article includes a list of Australia's five best time tracking software, having a minimum of 4/5 star user ratings. … Continue Reading

Published on 07/03/2023 by Andrew Blair

Social media can help tell your story and connect your brand with an audience. However, generating traffic to your brand requires goal-setting and a strategy. Software can help analyse and implement SME social media marketing strategies, but how many organisations use social media tools and what benefits do they get from them? … Continue Reading

Published on 17/02/2023 by Andrew Blair

Social media has proven to be a successful channel for many marketing professionals in terms of both organic content and paid advertising. However, small businesses with limited resources may struggle to keep up with trends in social media. How do organisations manage their social media presence in this evolving space? … Continue Reading

Published on 13/02/2023 by Anna Hammond and Ojasvini

This article was originally published on 11/08/2020. Businesses might be aware of the limitations of chatbots when it comes to engaging with customers. Getting to the next stage of customer service automation might involve using conversational AI platforms. This article explains what is conversational AI and will cover the topic of chatbot vs conversational AI. … Continue Reading

Published on 27/01/2023 by Ojasvini

What is legal management? What roles does legal management play in business operations? Should companies opt for legal management software? Read further to find answers to these questions. … Continue Reading

Published on 24/01/2023 by Andrew Blair

The phrase ‘every little helps’ could not be more pertinent amid the rising cost of living. How can loyalty programs give consumers that little extra help, and are customers satisfied with the rewards offered in exchange for their loyalty? … Continue Reading

Published on 17/01/2023 by Andrew Blair

Although loyalty is intangible, it can be measured by evaluating how likely a customer is to recommend, engage with, and make repeat purchases from a brand. GetApp investigates what loyalty means for consumers and how small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) can leverage their brand reputation to promote customer loyalty.  … Continue Reading

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