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Cloud-based, specialty-specific EHR, PM and more solutions.

About ModMed

ModMed® creates award-winning software to place doctors and patients at the center of care through intelligent, specialty-specific cloud platforms. Products include electronic health records, practice management, patient engagement and analytics. Services include revenue cycle management and healthcare marketing. Access is via browser, iPad and smartphone, from wherever there's internet.
EMA® EHR features adaptive learning to help providers save time while documenting exams, planning treatments, ordering tests and prescriptions, and preparing bills and estimates. EMA serves 10 specialties, as well as ambulatory surgery centers:
• Allergy/asthma/immunology
• Dermatology
• Ophthalmology
• Orthopedics
• Otolaryngology
• Pain management
• Plastic surgery
• Podiatry
• Urology
gGastro® EHR, developed by and for gastroenterologists, brings the office and endocenter together with a single sign-in and shared database.
Integrated with the EHR, our Practice Management and gPM™ systems help to streamline scheduling, check-in, checkout, billing, claims, reimbursements, reconciliations, payments and reporting. Analytics employ structured data, not just text, to bring clinical, operational and financial metrics together for greater insight.
For patient engagement, robust patient portals allow users to update profiles, sign consents, see medical records, get lab results, set appointments, message staff, request refills, pay balances and more. Patients of practices using EMA EHR can also take advantage of APPatient™, an iPhone and Android app that enables all these features, plus real-time, high-resolution telehealth visits.
Clinicians, administrators, billers and support staff can all use ModMed systems to streamline workflows with a user interface designed by practicing physicians and by automating many repetitive tasks. Resulting efficiencies may enable practices to see more patients while reducing admin.

Key benefits of ModMed

Developed by practicing specialists, cloud-based ModMed® software integrates electronic health records with systems for practice management and ambulatory surgical centers — single sign-in — to help reduce data entry, increase staff efficiency and provide new insights. The company’s patient engagement tools and professional services can help boost productivity even further.

Electronic health records
• Eleven specialties, from allergy to urology
• Designed for speed — less typing and scrolling
• Easy access via tablet, browser and smartphone
• Medical content and workflows built in
• Adaptable to the way you practice

Practice Management
• Seamless integration with our EHR systems
• Easy scheduling, check-in, billing and payments
• Streamlined claims, reimbursement and reporting
• Sophisticated data analytics to help spot trends
• Less paper and manual handling

Patient Engagement Tools
• Increased patient service to help reduce staff time
• Robust web portal, mobile apps and telehealth
• Online scheduling, consents, labs and payments
• Automated reminders and surveys
• Potential to reduce phone call volume

• Solutions to streamline billing processes
• Certified medical coders who know your specialty
• A focus on billing, while you focus on patients
• Reporting on collections, adjustments and AR
• Claims reviewed and corrected for accuracy

ModMed AMP
• Advertising, marketing and promotion services
• Modern website design, maintenance and SEO
• Digital ads and blogs driving to your website
• Online reputation monitoring and management
• E-commerce via multiple channels


ModMed Software - Gain valuable insight with administrative analytics in our Analytics platform.
ModMed Software - Access our Virtual Exam Room in our specialty EHR system.
ModMed Software - 3
ModMed Software - 4
ModMed Software - Using Practice Management, users can schedule appointments, access reports & manage documents & billing from a central location. It integrates directly with our EHR system, EMA.
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ModMed Software - Gain valuable insight with administrative analytics in our Analytics platform.
ModMed Software - Access our Virtual Exam Room in our specialty EHR system.
ModMed Software - 3
ModMed Software - 4
ModMed Software - Using Practice Management, users can schedule appointments, access reports & manage documents & billing from a central location. It integrates directly with our EHR system, EMA.

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Reviewed on 07/04/2013

I am the owner/doctor of a solo ophthalmology practice and just opened a little over a year ago. I...

I am the owner/doctor of a solo ophthalmology practice and just opened a little over a year ago. I only have two staff members: a receptionist and a tech. I wanted to start off right away with an electronic health record system because I didn't have much storage space in my new office. I also wanted to qualify for Meaningful Use. I was looking for a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system because it would minimize the amount of computer equipment needed and be easily accessible. I also wanted a system that would utilize the iPad, if possible.

I started with a company that had a very nice layout that displayed all the examination findings in one screen, but there were several major problems (watch out for these when you are shopping):
The javascript-based interface accessed through a web-browser had many bugs.

The IT team was poor. It was based in another country, so there was a problem coordinating time zones. There was also poor communication among the teams within the company. It took them 5 months of trying to program a bridge between my EHR and practice management (PM) systems, and by that time, I was just sick of the run-around that they gave me.

I could not find the time to program all of my impression/diagnosis code/plan algorithms. The default ones they packaged for me were inadequate.

I really wanted to use an iPad for my EHR. Even if I could access this EHR with the iPad Safari browser, the user interface was really designed for clicking with a mouse and using a PC keyboard.

I finally went to paper charts for a few months while shopping around for other EHR systems. I randomly got a Google ad for Modernizing Medicine while writing my email and decided to check them out. When I clicked on their ad, they were advertising for their ophthalmology app, but had not released it yet. A few months later, I looked again, and found that they had just released their ophthalmology app and that they were Meaningful Use certified. I signed up with them a few weeks later and have been with them for the past 6 months. I was up and running just in time for the last attestation period for Meaningful Use for 2012 (October 2012).

The company has been great to work with. The EHR to PM system bridge was completed within a few weeks. The online training was great and timely (we fit the sessions within a month and this gave me time to spare for going online in time for October 2012). Customer service has also been wonderful. They are continually making improvements.

The system is easy to use, and it comes packaged with impressions/plans that is already great. The time-saving program that makes most accessible the most common impressions/plans that you choose is really time-saving. I also love how it is "customizable" on the fly. If you don't like one of the pre-programmed items, you change it and it is saved for the next patient with the same presentation.

I am most impressed with their native iPad app. To me, it is the biggest selling point of Modernizing Medicine. When I signed up with Modernizing Medicine, they were, as far as I knew, the only cloud-based EHR with a native iPad app. The only other company with a native iPad app was one which was apparently pretty expensive and also required me to purchase an in-house server (another huge expense).

As a note, if you are in the market for an EHR in which you can use an iPad, don't be tricked by other companies which claim that you can use the iPad to navigate their program. Most of them use a remote desktop program in which the iPad is essentially mirroring the screen from a separate Microsoft Windows computer in your office (a former colleague of mine was duped this way). It is slow, because you are running the EHR 'secondhand,' and the iPad touch interface was never made to navigate through Microsoft Windows. If you see an ad from another company that shows an iPad with a screenshot that looks like a Microsoft Windows window, be wary!

The iPad interface of Modernizing Medicine is very easy to use (and easy to learn) and saves me a lot of time. With my previous EHR, it was still inconvenient to lug around a laptop from room to room or from a room to a table surface to use the mouse and keyboard to fill out charts. With EMA (Modernizing Medicine), I can fill out charts while I walk from room to room between patients. Electronic prescriptions are sent right through the app. I have one iPad for myself, and one for my tech. My staff love the program.

One of my iPads has a cellular data plan activated - the benefit of this is that it can still operate if the Internet connection in your office is down. I also can take the iPad from hospital to hospital if I need to do an off-site consult.

I have given Modernizing Medicine 5 stars in three of the rating categories. I gave 4 stars for the product quality, only because I have encountered bugs even if it is a very high quality product. However, I have never encountered an EHR that does not have bugs (my colleagues all tell me that their EHR systems have bugs). In addition, Modernizing Medicine has been very proactive in addressing bugs and making improvements.

Overall rating
  • Industry: Medical Practice
  • Company size: 11–50 Employees
  • Used Daily for 2+ years
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

EMA is the best ophthalmology EHR available.

Reviewed on 19/04/2019

Our experience has been so excellent with both the EHR product itself as well as the Modernizing...

Our experience has been so excellent with both the EHR product itself as well as the Modernizing Medicine team that we have since adapted their practice management software as well. While using another practice management company we were able to directly contrast the customer support between the two companies...and there was no comparison. From implementation to troubleshooting, the support from Modernizing Medicine is far superior to anyone we have come across. The support team is reason enough to choose EMA over its competitors. Fortunately they also have a superior product to go with a great support team.
If you are considering an ophth EHR do not hesitate to go with Modernizing Medicine. You will not be disappointed. I have no financial incentive or other alternative motivation to promote this product. They have exceeded my expectations from the very beginning and I just really love this EHR!


The intuitive interface makes documentation far easier than any of the other systems we tested before choosing EMA. Even our more senior partners were able to adapt to this system coming from decades of paper charting only and without having to employ scribes.


We are ‘dead in the water’ on the very rare occasion that we loose internet connectivity. Currently there is no way to access prior patient records or testing since it is all stored on a cloud server. In 4 years of using this system we have only had this happen 2 or 3 times for a period of 1 hour to half a day. This has never been a problem with the EHR system itself but was either our internet service provider or once when there was an ‘attack’ on the amazon server system. Reverting back to paper at those times was a great way for us to realize how much we preferred documenting in EMA rather than paper!

Response from Modernizing Medicine

Good morning Dr. Niemi - Wow, thank you! We very much appreciate you taking the time to share your valuable feedback with us and others considering our software. Thank you from the entire Modernizing Medicine team! -Holly A., Clinical Solutions Manager

Overall rating
  • Industry: Medical Practice
  • Company size: 51–200 Employees
  • Used Daily for 1-5 months
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 5.0 /10

The schedule is development's redheaded stepchild

Reviewed on 19/04/2019

EMA is robust, and the PM system has come a long way in the past few years. Medical documentation...

EMA is robust, and the PM system has come a long way in the past few years. Medical documentation is vital (EMA), and the billing portion of the PM has understandably received more attention and more advancement than the scheduling portion. Hence my title.


Integration with Relatient for appointment confirmations


The list is long, but here are a few highlights: -Desperately need permissions granularity by user and by appt category (preference group). -When an account is inactivated users are still able to set appts. Not ok. Inactivating an account should disable it from a scheduling perspective. -As an administrator I'm spending way too much time changing the templating daily. The templating is simplistic and clunky as far as edits to existing template. Needs a delete option of "from today's date forward" and not just "delete all" or "delete this single one". -The schedule block feature should be granular; not all users should have that permission. I also need to be able to make recurring blocks, to be able to choose the date in the block window and not have to go to that date in order to block (which if you're in a week view is a PIA), and need to be able to choose a date range. -The schedule grid was not optimally designed for a multi-provider practice that wants to "view all providers here today". Each time I go to the schedule I have to reload every doc. Would like to be able to choose a default schedule that could be user preset that would load with some sort of default button, or at the very least have the system keep the memory sticky of the way I had it loaded when I left that screen. Way too many clicks right now. -Canceling appointments requires too many clicks. -Need a drag and drop feature from one provider's schedule to another.

Response from Modernizing Medicine

Dear Charity - Thank you for taking the time to share your detailed feedback with us. I have personally shared this with our product teams here for review. Our support team will be reaching out directly to you to assist on several of the items noted. - Holly A., Clinical Solutions Manager

Overall rating
  • Industry: Medical Practice
  • Company size: 201–500 Employees
  • Used Daily for 1+ year
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to recommend 8.0 /10

EHR of the Future

Reviewed on 31/01/2019

We use the Modernizing Medicine EMA Orthopedic platform and are very happy to have found an EHR...

We use the Modernizing Medicine EMA Orthopedic platform and are very happy to have found an EHR company that works with us and their other clients to make the system better for all. I also like the fact that each of the other EHR domains (ex. Derm, gastro, etc.) work together re utilizing tools already developed/solved for other domains instead of always having to design items from scratch, this dramatically improves the time from a "client system request" to "included in a release".

If you are in the market for an EHR, I would suggest you take a serious look at the EMA platform from Modernizing Medicine and then decide if the system is right for your practice. Modernizing Medicine is a great company to work with in solving your clinical workflow challenges.


Excellent technical support staff and training staff. The ModMed Programming team is constantly coming out with updates and additional needed/requested functionality. They are always open to listen and understand the problems faced by our clinical staff and providers in order to design, develop, and implement solutions to our problems. The staff from Modernizing Medicine is always delightful to deal with and they are fully supportive of delivering the best experience and easing documentation burden around the clinical visit compared to other EHRs


The system is designed around the physician workflow and smaller office staff, this system is not as user friendly for office staff not involved with the clinical visit when you get into a large, busy clinic. Many of the administrative features found in the larger client base systems are not found in this one. They are making progress on all of the above with each and every update!

Response from Modernizing Medicine

Dear Adam - We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your honest feedback with us and others considering our software. We value the relationship we have with you and the entire MSK team. - Tara W., VP of Orthopedics & Pain Management

Overall rating
  • Review Source

Overall rating

  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support

Reviewed on 06/07/2013

I lead the Administration and Operations for a 5 physician, 4 physician extender dermatology...

I lead the Administration and Operations for a 5 physician, 4 physician extender dermatology practice. Prior to this position, I spent 17 years as a senior executive at Accenture, the world's largest technology consulting firm. In this role, I worked with many Fortune 100 companies and their technology vendors. Software company evaluation and selection is one of my areas of depth and experience.

Our practice spent over 1 year evaluating the EMR marketplace, watching closely as it evolved. We met with the sales and support personnel from the leading firms with Dermatology-specific solutions. In addition to features and functionality, we sought a partner with a vision, and the dedication and know-how to translate that vision to the market.

We selected Modernizing Medicine (M2) in Q3 2012 and are approaching 1 year with it in production.

I recently asked several of the physicians to share the best thing they like about M2 EMA. Their decidedly non-IT replies were - "it’s awesome, my patient visit documentation quality is stunning when compared to my old paper charts"; "it's amazing -it just keeps getting better with each release"; and "the coding accuracy, based on the Dx codes, is brilliant".

Our pathology lab coordinator is effusive in her praise of EMA’s Cancer Log, and even more impressed with the fact that they value and adopt her input on how to make it easier to use.

Our medical assistants (MA’s) love the new body maps in the latest update - more accurate and anatomically correct. The “EMA runs in background” feature is helpful when patients sign consent forms; they no longer accidentally hit the "home" button and close EMA. Several of our MA’s and one physician extender had experience with M2 EMA’s leading competitor, and they tell me EMA is significantly better and much easier to use.

Given the size of our practice and the number of employees and providers, we elected the on-site training option. The trainers were young, dynamic, and impressive - not only in their knowledge of the software, but also their command of the business process flow within a dermatology practice.

We trained in August, 2012 and went live after Labor Day. We hoped Meaningful Use (MU) would be attainable over the last 3 months of 2012, but we had muted expectations given the magnitude of the transition. After 1 month of using EMA and running the helpful EMA MU reports, we "knew" we were going to attain MU. We attested on 12/14/12. The MU Progress reporting is outstanding, and the drill downs take you right to where MA corrections are needed or omissions were made.

It is obvious that the design of EMA is the work of physicians with deep clinical experience. The iPad and workstation platforms demonstrate the integration of advanced technology and streamlined dermatology office work-flow.

Above all else, we continue to be amazed with the quality and dedication of every M2 employee we interact with. From the leadership team to the newest employee, we are consistently impressed with their desire to answer our questions and to help us succeed. A front desk employee of ours noticed an inconsistency in a “last visit date” field in EMA and we brought it to Customer Support’s attention. When M2 confirmed we’d identified a bug, we were showered with praise and they fixed it immediately. It is clear they are intellectually and emotionally invested in making M2 EMA the best. I don't believe we've found another bug since.

After we selected EMA but early in our implementation approach, I had a software integration question. I asked to speak with someone in a leadership role on the “interface integration team”. Less than 4 hours later, Dan Cane called me at 7pm while I was watching my son play a baseball game. Dan spent 20-30 minutes discussing the pros/cons of the implementation and integration options I faced transitioning from our paper chart and legacy practice management system environment. How many other CEO’s could or would be willing to do that?

When we began our EMR software selection process, our biggest fear was selecting an EMR product/company that would be eclipsed by others in the marketplace. We no longer have any fear of the future. We are 100% sure we made the right decision, and we could not be more pleased to have M2 EMA as our EMR partner.

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