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About OpenSimSim

OpenSimSim is a free employee scheduling solution for managers and employees within the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. The platform was designed for businesses that have hourly workers with scheduling/rostering needs, and helps promote open and timely communication between workers and managers.

OpenSimSim enables users to create a weekly schedule in minutes using schedule templates. Staff availability and hours worked are displayed in one place, helping managers to avoid scheduling conflicts, or accidental overtime. The budget view allows users to keep labour costs in line with the organization's budget. Employees receive published schedules directly to their mobile devices in real time.

Users can manage schedules while on the go using the native OpenSimSim mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Managers can effectively communicate with staff in real time through the message board and chat functionality. They may also delegate schedule maintenance to staff by enabling shift giveaways and swaps through the platform. Notifications inform users of when an action should be taken or a schedule needs to be modified by exception.

Employees are able to see which co-workers are scheduled to work, as well as use the message board and chat feature to communicate with each other. Staff is able to send shift swap invitations, update their own availability, and submit time-off requests to managers. The opportunities feature enables users to pick up extra shifts by applying for available openings. OpenSimSim also comes with with advanced features for managing multi-location businesses and franchises.

Pricing starting from:

USD 15.99/month

  • Free Trial
  • Free Version
  • Subscription

Key benefits of OpenSimSim

  • OpenSimSim provides intuitive, native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that allow users to manage schedules from anywhere.

  • Advanced scheduling/rostering capabilities enable weekly schedules to be created in minutes and help avoid scheduling conflicts and accidental overtime.

  • In-app chat enables real-time worker-to-worker and manager-to-worker conversations that help keep everyone in the loop.

  • Co-workers are able to send shift swap invitations, as well as apply for shift opportunities to pick-up extra shifts.

  • OpenSimSim helps prevent accidental overtime and scheduling conflicts by displaying staff availability and hours worked in the same place.

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    Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States

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    Pricing starting from:

    USD 15.99/month

    • Free Trial
    • Free Version
    • Subscription


    Manager's Weekly Scheduler
    Manager's Daily Scheduler
    Free TimeClock tablet app (iOS & Android)
    Free mobile apps for workers and managers
    Real-time view of who's clocked in, upcoming shifts.
    Worker timeoff requests, approvals and availability management
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    OpenSimSim video
    OpenSimSim screenshot: Manager's Weekly Scheduler OpenSimSim screenshot: Manager's Daily Scheduler OpenSimSim screenshot: Free TimeClock tablet app (iOS & Android) OpenSimSim screenshot: Free mobile apps for workers and managers OpenSimSim screenshot: Real-time view of who's clocked in, upcoming shifts. OpenSimSim screenshot: Worker timeoff requests, approvals and availability management


    Total features of OpenSimSim: 80

    • Alerts/Notifications
    • Approval Process Control
    • Attendance Management
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Automated Scheduling
    • Availability Management
    • Budget Control
    • Budgeting/Forecasting
    • Chat/Messaging
    • Clock In / Out
    • Communication Management
    • Compliance Management
    • Cost Estimating
    • Customizable Templates
    • Data Import/Export
    • Drag & Drop
    • Email Alerts
    • Email Management
    • Employee Database
    • Employee Management
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Employee Portal
    • Employee Profiles
    • Employee Scheduling
    • Employee Self Service
    • Exceptions Management
    • Forecasting
    • GPS
    • Geolocation
    • Group Scheduling
    • HR Management
    • Job Application Management
    • Job Scheduling
    • Labor Cost Reporting
    • Labor Forecasting
    • Labor Management
    • Leave Tracking
    • Live Chat
    • Messaging
    • Mobile Access
    • Mobile Alerts
    • Multi-Location
    • Offline Access
    • Online Time Clock
    • Overtime Calculation
    • Payroll Management
    • Performance Metrics
    • Planning Tools
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Real Time Analytics
    • Real Time Comparisons
    • Real Time Data
    • Real Time Monitoring
    • Real Time Notifications
    • Real Time Reporting
    • Real-time Scheduling
    • Real-time Updates
    • Reminders
    • Reporting & Statistics
    • Reporting/Analytics
    • Resource Management
    • SMS Messaging
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Schedule Distribution
    • Scheduled / Automated Reports
    • Search/Filter
    • Secure Login
    • Self Service Portal
    • Shift Swapping
    • Skills Tracking
    • Summary Reports
    • Template Management
    • Time Clock
    • Time Off Requests
    • Timesheet Management
    • Training Record Management
    • User Management
    • User Profiles
    • Vacation/Leave Tracking
    • Workstation Tracking


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    Carlos T.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Import & Export
    • Company size: 51-200 Employees
    • Used Daily for 6-12 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

    Work hours programming platform for companies

    Reviewed on 22/09/2019

    We are sure that Opensinsin, is on a good path to be a platform that provides a service that...

    We are sure that Opensinsin, is on a good path to be a platform that provides a service that amalgams with a vital recuse and is the time to help with the needs of people how to manage their time at work and how to dispose Exchange schedules with coworkers and other virtues that allows the Opensisin platform in our case we within the company are grateful to meet their services and thus be able to organize in an optimal way the most valuable resource that for us the time of our employees and thus have more happy and motivated employees and managers when giving them the ideal tool to have their working hours. it resulted in positive changes for the productive development of the company


    In our successful experience with OpenSimSim, I manage to solve an internal problem in the company and to make an hourly schedule of our employees making its use easy, ease of configuration, the configurations are quite clear. The most practical is that they receive the schedules, they are published on their mobile devices in real time, helping to maintain a reciprocal communication, another very appropriate faculty, because it is free for managers and employees, which gives an additional bonus to this platform, that help
    to companies that have workers for a certain time. OpenSimSim gives its users the power to create a program through proven programming templates where they see staff availability and the hours worked are displayed and are more accurate for our workflow, which seeks to achieve and optimize a Correct performance of our employees, which helps managers avoid inconvenience or confusion in relation to the extra overtime so far you have the virtue of visualizing the budget allocated and thus monitor labor costs in real time to keep track of the budget of The company, another useful and pragmatic virtue, is being able to have contact via chat being able to write messages with employees and management, in addition to being able to install a mobile application from smartphones wherever it is, this innovative application allows employees of our company who make purchases and sales of raw materials or product s finished, maintaining a schedule that can be modified by us


    to our experience with OpenSimSim, and the little that could be highlighted as negative or enhance improvements in the characteristics and capabilities of precarious synchronization, which as a constructive criticism can be enriched between the application of the computer and the Smartphone, for the better performance, contact lists must be optimized for use and all personnel, phone numbers and emails can be accessed to be able to exchange shifts with anyone on the contact list, even if they have a different schedule. Currently, the function of exchange and allocation of these hours since what we have seen is that it is available to those who have a clear availability of hours on the platform. Shift change is very important in all lines and departments, since what is sought is that employees are without worries about how to organize their time for better performance since one of the most valuable resources is time for both growth of the company like that of employees and their free time and how to manage it, in terms of organization when printing schedules, everything should be organized from the platform and thus avoid having to go to Excel and place the calendar information of work are better digestible to the understanding of the employees, also organizing by start date and an end date can illustrate how Anasa does it on her platform just to mention as an example and adapt it to the OpenSimSim platform, also look for ways to automate as well as edit the master lists and a

    Verified Reviewer
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Food & Beverages
    • Company size: 11-50 Employees
    • Used Daily for 2+ years
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10

    Easy and very useful scheduling tool

    Reviewed on 18/02/2020

    Overall every time I've made suggestions or talk to the staff at opensimsim they have been very...

    Overall every time I've made suggestions or talk to the staff at opensimsim they have been very helpful and quick to resolve any issues I may have.


    It is very useful and easy to copy and paste schedules instead of having to individually do a schedule every week. And it reduces the amount of time it takes for me to have to do schedules for my team of 20 + employees


    The messaging portion of the app would be more useful if it could be sorted by message. As of right now it is a little cumbersome with the messaging and trying to revert back and look up previous messages to my teams.

    Robert M.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Entertainment
    • Company size: 10,000+ Employees
    • Used Daily for 1-5 months
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 3.0 /10

    Still Has Flaws

    Reviewed on 15/02/2019

    Overall it has been a good experience, I say that because my best friend is a software engineer and...

    Overall it has been a good experience, I say that because my best friend is a software engineer and I know it takes time to work out the bugs in any application or program. That being said there are still a few things about your app that annoy the crap out of me - like getting woke up at 3AM by notifications; AFTER I've already been scheduled when I have other apps (like GroupMe) that enable me to silence all notifications for one hour; two hours; six hours or twelve hours.


    I like the fact that you guys actually respond to negative reviews and take a proactive approach to fixing the bugs. Also like the fact that with this app I can take my pick of available shifts and get scheduled with one click instead of being on the phone for half an hour (Securitas at Universal Studios). That's half an hour of my life that I'm not going to get back and they're not paying me for that time, it's bad enough that they want to pay minimum wage to people with specialized skills (like operating X-ray machines) but then they expect me to waste half an hour of my life; every single day on the phone trying to get scheduled. Over a period of one week that adds up to three and a half hours of my life that they're not paying me for.


    I didn't like the fact that I still get notifications for shifts that aren't even available any more. I'll see a long list of invitations, go through one by one - and not a single one of them is still available. It seems like once a shift has been filled it should fall off of my notifications so that I don't have to click through every single one of them just to find the ONE (if any at all) that are still available.

    I also don't like the fact that after I've already accepted a shift for tomorrow I still keep getting invitation notifications for shifts that are on the same day as the one I just accepted and these notifications will just keeping coming and keep coming and keep coming and there's no way to shut off the notifications - even JUST for the day that I'm already scheduled. And I shouldn't even have to disable notifications; even for specific days - when the app should already know that I'm already scheduled and don't need to be scheduled again. Our bosses even keep telling us "if you're already scheduled then DO NOT accept the newer shift notifications that come in" because apparently there have been people that accepted one shift - then another one came in that was their preferred shift; they accepted that one two and then it creates a scheduling conflict which is neither good for the employee OR the employer.

    Sara W.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Nonprofit Organization Management
    • Company size: 11-50 Employees
    • Used Daily for 2+ years
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 9.0 /10

    My OpenSimSim review

    Reviewed on 21/10/2019

    I am so happy with OpenSimSim. We use it very exclusively for scheduling and have reduced greatly...

    I am so happy with OpenSimSim. We use it very exclusively for scheduling and have reduced greatly the amount of confusion about scheduled shifts experienced by our staff. It is a great way to get a message out to the full staff, and has increased are accountability for publishing schedules.


    I really like how we can make frequent updates/changes to the staff. We are a job training program with shifts going to Managers, temporary interns, and volunteers. I like how convenient it is for users to interface with it. It’s very accessible.


    I can’t really think of anything. I know sometimes the interface for messages for managers can get cluttered because they are inundated with staff individual and group messages. It might be nice if there was an easy way to sort or archive certain threads or easily click on a user and see all the messages associated with that person.

    Sarah R.
    Overall rating
    • Industry: Food & Beverages
    • Company size: 2-10 Employees
    • Used Daily for 1+ year
    • Review Source

    Overall rating

    • Value for Money
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Likelihood to recommend 10.0 /10


    Reviewed on 16/08/2019

    Definitely spend less time scheduling than ever before, which is awesome!

    Definitely spend less time scheduling than ever before, which is awesome!


    Ease of use, ease of setup, setup is organized and clear, love that it notifies my staff when I publish a schedule and is integrated with phone platforms/has an app.


    I really really dislike that I have to manually edit “availability” for each new staff member, in order to force them to submit timeoff requests. I also don’t like that you can’t have an algorithm for time off requests- for example I require two weeks notice for time off requests, and I wish the app would allow me to enforce that, but it doesn’ instead I have employees submitting time off requests 5 days before which then makes me look like the mean guy when I have to decline a request. I wish open simsim would just allow me to have a setting that removes the ability to request time off if it’s less than 14 days from the requested time off date.

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