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LearnPoint is a learning management system (LMS) that helps businesses create reference materials, manage assignments, handle catalogs, and more from within a unified platform. It enables learners to receive email notifications regarding enrollment, overdue assignments, due dates, and course completion. Read more about LearnPoint
One-stop solution to automate your entire educational structure through digital transformation. NewgenEducationApp addresses all of the digital educational needs of educational intitules, parents, and students. The administration management, workflow automation, monitoring, LMS, and study resources Read more about NewGenEducationApp
SD Worx Payroll is a Cloud-based SaaS providing a scalable, secure, and reliable payroll solution that’s flexible where it counts. Perfect for companies with more than 250 employees, it handles complex legal payroll options in real-time so you don’t have to worry about challenging legislation. Read more about SD Worx Payroll
Good news for the teams that already use Confluence and have a need in a Learning Management System. Read more about izi
Airschool is a web-based platform enabling digital creators, subject matter experts and existing instructors to effortlessly launch online courses and share them with their audience and communities. Read more about Airschool
TrainerCentral is an all-in-one training platform to build and sell engaging online courses. Read more about TrainerCentral
EdOptim is a web-based school management software designed to help educational institutions of all sizes handle parent-teacher communication, student information, learning management, and reputation. It lets parents receive various announcements, lessons, assignments, messages, and other multimedia content. Read more about EdOptim
SkillzRun is an LMS and mobile app that can be used for teaching students, employees, or clients. The platform can be used to teach a variety of languages, including English and Chinese. Users can create custom apps or design learning exercises using multiple types of content and formats. SkillzRun offers gamification features, class schedules,... Read more about SkillzRun
VPortal is a web-based video delivery platform designed to help businesses and educational institutions create, stream, upload, and share PDFs, videos, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, and more. It lets users create exams and customer demos, which can be embedded on various landing pages and websites. Read more about VPortal
Modular, scalable and fully responsive, traperto Campus learning management system serves as the face of your digital academy. Read more about traperto Campus
CAE Learning Suite is a web-based platform designed to help academy centers, schools, vocational training institutes, and online tutors build, personalize, edit, and digitize language courses. Read more about CAE Learning Suite
LearnSOFT LLMS is a web-based and on-premise language learning software designed to help schools improve spoken english across students using audio, audio-visual, and written materials. Read more about LearnSOFT LLMS
Next generation LMS Platform that saves T&D plans resources, increases the access and quality of employees' onboarding integration and training. Read more about Scaffold Platform
WebCampus is a learning management system designed to help medium-sized businesses create and manage online courses to train employees. Key features include blended learning, user management, face-to-face training sessions, automated course assignment, and progress tracking. Read more about WebCampus
SKILLS permette di supportare la formazione mista sincrona-asincrona attraverso un percorso di studio guidato, dinamico e personalizzato anche tramite smartphone e tablet. Read more about SKILLS
Scormium is a cloud-based learning management system (LMW) designed to help organizations handle content creation, distribution and licensing, learning and learning management, and a wide range of quality courses via various tools. Read more about Scormium LMS
LiveClass is a virtual classroom SaaS software which maximizes interaction between participants for a full distance or hybrid training. Read more about LiveClass
Nimble LMS is an easy-to-use program to manage your online learning. Read more about Nimble LMS
Easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) which includes premium local service out of Australia. Main features include automations, custom reporting, SMS capability, gamification, messaging and more. Read more about Simplify LMS
An innovator and pioneer in performance learning, we are a single source of excellence, with deep and proven experience across multiple sectors. We engineer intuitive and iterative solutions which drive measurable improvements and return on investment – all from one single point of truth. Read more about Empowered
DynDevice LMS allows your company to do online training easily and effectively. With DynDevice you can organize eLearning, classroom or blended training courses; make them available to your employees from computer or mobile; monitor and document all educational activities and results. Read more about DynDevice LMS
SuperPath is a learning management platform that offers out of the box learning content and prebuilt learning pathways. SuperPath will supercharge teams and help reduce churn, increase engagement and upskill employees. Read more about SuperPath
Didask is the authoring tool made to create easily digital learning trainings, with no compromise with the pedagogy quality. Read more about Didask
Curate mandatory content and tailored curriculum journeys for your learners based on their role, required skills, department goals as well as your company’s wider objectives. Read more about Janison Academy
FutureMargin is a demand planning software designed to help eCommerce and retail stores streamline sales forecasting, inventory management, and data visualization operations via a unified platform. It enables organizations to identify sales trends and optimize stock replenishment and supply chain planning processes. Read more about FutureMargin
Captivo is a cloud-based learning management platform. Powered by Emyode, a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) for over 15 years, Captivo integrates an LMS that benefits from the latest Microsoft technologies. Read more about Captivo
NabuPro is a platform that brings together all your documents, training and internal communications for simple and easy management of your compliance processes. Our app provides a real-time overview of your compliance with legal requirements and generates your compliance reports in just one click. Read more about NabuPro
Teach Up is an all-in-one platform to create, distribute and manage engaging and personalized digital & blended learning content. Read more about Teach Up
iLearningEngines is a disruptive AI/ML platform focused on automating the learning process and creating outcome-driven learner journeys. Read more about iLearningEngines
SEDUCA is a next generation Learning Management System. It is web-based, 100% online 24/7, developed in compliance with the standards and best practices of the market in terms of security and infrastructure, and oriented to K-12 schools. Read more about SEDUCA
Deliver engaging and relevant learning content at scale and at the point of need. Read more about My Learning Hub

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