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Twilio SendGrid's cloud-based email infrastructure relieves businesses of the cost and complexity of maintaining custom email systems. Twilio SendGrid provides reliable email delivery, scalability and real-time analytics along with flexible API's that make custom integration a breeze. Read more about SendGrid
Email marketing automation tool with advanced segmentation, multivariate A/B testing, responsive email templates, powerful contact segmentation and 100+ email integrations. Read more about Campaigner
ZeroBounce is an online email validation system which helps companies to remove invalid emails from their lists, preventing bounces and improving deliverability. Read more about ZeroBounce
NeverBounce is a cloud-based email verification and list cleaning solution that allows users of any level or scale to verify email addresses in bulk over time or instantly one at a time, providing a central dashboard boasting real time progress tracking, a custom API / webhook and JavaScript widget Read more about NeverBounce
List Janitor is a desktop software that gives high deliverability, high subscriptions, and responses by cleaning all wrong & inactive emails off their lists. Read more about List Janitor
Emailable is a cloud-based email verification tool which assists marketing teams with filtering their customer email database and optimizing campaigns. Key features include domain check, syntax check, quality assessment, an open API, mail server validation, and reporting. Read more about Emailable
Lusha is a lead management software, which helps businesses retrieve prospect contact details from various websites, capture lead information, engage with clients or candidates, and enhance overall conversion rates. Marketers can create custom data collection forms to capture leads' details. Read more about Lusha
Email List Verify is a web based comprehensive email list verification solution that helps companies to reduce the bounce rate of their marketing emails Read more about Email List Verify
Mailgun is an email automation service offering a complete cloud-based email service for sending, receiving & tracking email sent through your websites & apps Read more about Mailgun is an outreach automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses generate, verify, nurture, convert, search, and track leads on a centralized platform. Marketers can create personalized drip email sequences & campaigns using a drag-and-drop interface. Read more about
Email address validation and verification solution. Created to clean email lists, and verify email address in real-time too. Read more about Bouncer
HuBuCo is an email verification system with real time API and file upload, which offers tools for verifying emails individually or in bulk, in order to ensure that email communications such as newsletters or marketing content are not flagged as spam when sending to subscribed customers Read more about HuBuCo
Clearout is a cloud-based email validation and verification service which assists businesses with mail server validation and spam detection. Its key features include syntax validation, disposable email detection, domain check, risk verification, open API, response measurement and SMTP monitoring. Read more about Clearout
1PointMail is an email marketing solution that supports the entire marketing process and helps in execution of campaigns across various channels Read more about 1PointMail
Email List Validation is a self-service email list verification solution with tools for database cleanup, deliverability optimization, spam-trap removal & more Read more about Email List Validation
SparkPost is an email analytics solution designed to help businesses optimize email performance, deliverability, engagement, and more. It offers predictive intelligence, which allows marketers to gain insights into campaign health, engagement rate, and spam links to diagnose performance issues. Read more about SparkPost
mailfloss is a cloud-based bulk email verification platform designed to help small to large businesses protect, clean & verify email lists automatically. It allows users to integrate lists with several systems, customize preferences & manage them with automatic verification, decay protection & more. Read more about mailfloss
MassMailer is a native email solution for Salesforce CRM that enables users to send unlimited emails, drip campaigns, and email alerts, verify mailing lists, build email templates, and more. Features include email address verification, email success monitoring, and content analysis and optimization. Read more about MassMailer
Folderly is an AI-powered email verification platform that improves email deliverability by monitoring all outbound email traffic to ensure messages reach the right place. Read more about Folderly
BriteVerify is an email validation & verification software designed to help organizations reduce their email bounce rate and improve their reputation as senders Read more about BriteVerify
SafetyMails is an email verification tool, which helps businesses identify, validate, and remove invalid, disposable, and spam email addresses. Users can upload email lists into the system, generate reports, and download verified mailing lists using targeted filters and dashboards. Read more about SafetyMails
Keep your data clean while fighting spam and fraud with fast, accurate and secure email validation. Email Hippo offers the ability to check lists of up to 500,000 emails via web app, screen sign-ups via API, and even detect fraud risks. ISO27001 certified and trusted by major data companies. Read more about Email Hippo
Validate your email address database with Email Validator. Designed for enterprise level CRM, ESP and ERP platforms, Email Validator checks every single email in real-time with an end-to end algorithm to identify disposable, catch-all, and invalid emails. Stop bouncing and start connecting! Read more about Email Validator
Gamalogic is a SaaS solution that provides businesses with APIs (application programming interfaces) to validate email addresses across contact lists. The artificial intelligence (AI) enabled tool automatically removes invalid email addresses, maximizing ROI across email marketing campaigns. Read more about Gamalogic
Email Verifier is a web based email verification tool that helps improve your deliverability rates by reducing bounces, getting rid of spam-trap email addresses, complainers, and perform MTA, Domain and Risk checks. Our unique email verification and email validation processes are like no other to help you accurately verify email. Read more about Email Verifier
KudosHub's Email Validation Platform is designed to enhance email deliverability by identifying and removing duplicate records, spam traps, and catch-all emails in any email list. KudosHub ensures that all harmful emails are scrub using an integrated email scrubbing API. Read more about KudosHub Email Validation
MillionVerifier is a cloud-based email verification solution, which helps businesses authenticate email lists through syntax and domain existence checking. Key features include spam protection, secure data storage, SMTP verification, temporary/disposable email detection, and reporting. Read more about MillionVerifier
ebCard is a cloud-based contact data quality management platform that helps businesses manage their lead and contact data from across multiple sources and verify the quality of this data. It connects with third party marketing, CRM, and sales tools to facilitate data transfer and synchronization. Read more about ebCard
Melissa Data Quality Suite is a cloud-based and on-premise data verification suite designed to help organizations of all sizes standardize, authenticate, and correct contact details, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses in order to streamline communication. Read more about Melissa Data Quality Suite
Verify, analyze and clean your emails in 3 simple steps to boost your deliverability and take control of your list. Read more about MailerCheck
DOTS Lead Validation is a real-time contact lead scoring & verification tool that helps enhance the quality of leads by cross-validating name, phone number, address, email, & IP address to confirm lead accuracy & opportunity. Ensure US and Canadian leads are genuine, accurate, and up-to-date. Read more about DOTS Lead Validation
Start saving tons of time and money by putting your lead generation on autopilot with just minutes of work. Generate huge lists of potential customers with a few clicks and get their email addresses so you can reach out to them. Read more about Leads And CRM
Email Validation helps to improve the reach and delivery rate of email marketing campaigns by preventing emails being sent to junk folders or being blocked by an email validation service. This software prevents your emails from exceeding the thresholds set by ISPs or your email service provider. Read more about Email Validation
Gather key informations (find corporate email adresses) about targeted potential customers and turn contacts into qualified prospects. Engage your prospects in highly personalized sales sequences including email follow-ups, calls and various tasks. Read more about Datananas
Protect your Sender Reputation & Boost your Inboxing with Our High Accuracy Email Verification & Cleaning Service at Affordable Rates. Read more about MailSigma
BriteVerify is an email verification software that helps businesses validate customer contacts to optimize email delivery rates and brand reputation management operations from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to set up real-time data verification protocols to ensure data accuracy while managing data collection processes on web... Read more about BriteVerify
Email Verification API provides instant and accurate email validation that has already prevented more than 18 million bounce backs. The tool boasts of both basic and advanced email verification features, from checking the syntax of an email address to performing email-sending emulation techniques. Read more about Email Verification API
Socure ID+ is a identity verification platform for the largest enterprises and is trusted by 4 of the 5 largest banks, 7 of the 10 largest credit card issuers, top Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) providers, top crypto exchanges, and the largest online gaming operators. Read more about Socure
Informatica Data as a Service is a data verification solution that offers address verification, email verification, and phone validation. Read more about Informatica Data as a Service
Mailtrap is a cloud-based email sandbox solution designed to assist developers, quality analysts, and marketers with email testing. It allows professionals to capture SMTP traffic from staging to development, automate test flows, and evaluate the content for spam score. Read more about Mailtrap
Tomba Email Finder lets you find a professional email address from a name and a domain name. The Email Finder returns an email address with a confidence score. Read more about Tomba Email Finder
Sealit protects your data, no matter how it's shared. End-to-end email and file encryption for small businesses or individuals. Read more about Sealit
MailTester is an email verification solution that can verify emails from any database up to 99% accuracy. MailTester can identify duplicate and bounced emails, remove spam traps and emails with high-risk keywords, and verify email domains and syntax. Read more about

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