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i2go is a comprehensive policy management solution, which automates the entire policy lifecycle from Issuance to Cancellation. With an CRM Core system users can keep track of all activities related to a policy and policy holder by also enabling users to assign tasks automatically or manually. Read more about tigerlab
Jenesis Software is an insurance agency management solution that helps independent agencies reach out to potential prospects, manage clients, and improve relationships with policyholders. Key features include document management, cancellation tracking, renewal management, and marketing automation. Read more about Jenesis Software
A1 Tracker is a risk management platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage & mitigate risks across contracts, migrations, insurance, assets & claims. A1 Tracker enables users to track, report & manage trends, reducing risks on claims for insurance premiums, product liabilities, & more. Read more about A1 Tracker
Eclipse is a cloud-based agency management software designed to help small to large insurance firms manage policies, customers, claims, documentation, accounting and reporting. The platform enables users to process company, as well as producer commissions and financial transactions. Read more about Eclipse
Quick and efficient policy management controls for emailing policy documents, invoicing, renewals, cancellations etc. Read more about Insly
Built around a customer-centric model, Macaw AMS supports end to end processes for Insurance Brokers especially for the MGAs, MGUs, Program Managers and Lloyds Cover-holders. Macaw is best for its flexibility and time to market. Macaw AMS is expected to cut down the cost per policy to one third. Read more about Macaw
Velocity is a SaaS or on-premise insurance solution for agencies, featuring policy administration, claims, custom apps, rating, CRM, portal, accounting & more Read more about Velocity
AgentCubed is a cloud-based solution designed to help insurance businesses manage leads and distribution, customer relationships, workflows automation, and more. The platform enables agents to quote on/off-exchange products, calculate premiums, compare policies, and submit applications. Read more about AgentCubed
Better Agency is an insurance CRM software designed to help P/C agents manage service requests, follow up with prospects, and communicate with claimants for renewals. It lets users automate campaigns via emails, texts, and notifications that are sent to clients, prospects, and other team members. Read more about Better Agency
Pathway is a cloud-based system designed to help insurance agencies and brokers streamline client communication, marketing automation, and workflow management operations. It enables employees to handle client onboarding, contract renewal, billing, referral requests, and cross-selling opportunities. Read more about Pathway Insurance Software
Agency Advantage is a web-based software designed to help insurance agencies create marketing campaigns, collect and save data using ACORD forms, and streamline communication with clients. It lets teams send text messages to individual clients and manage their trust accounts. Read more about Agency Advantage
SIBRO is an end-to-end software for insurance brokers, insurance agents, and insurance broking companies, with complete policy cycle, prospect, and claims management. The software is responsive, and is compatible with tablet, mobile and desktop. Read more about SIBRO
SiegeAMS is a cloud-based software designed to help insurance agencies handle and streamline various administrative processes, including campaign management, reporting, task assignment, and more. Supervisors can track employees’ productivity based on defined goals or benchmarks and generate performance reports. Read more about SiegeAOS
The all-in-one insurance quoting, enrolling, and lead management solution designed for health insurance professionals. Read more about Quotit
Did you know your American Insurance doesn’t cover you on Mexican territory? Sadly, not everyone does. La Segura Mexico Insurance is an easy-to-use APP to quote and buy car insurance through all of your trip in Mexico. Avoid all the hassle and get La Segura Mexico Insurance App quick and easy. Read more about La Segura Mexico Insurance
Transactor is a full cycle administration and policy processing solution for underwriting agencies, brokers, insurers & MGAs to streamline insurance delivery Read more about Transactor
BriteCore provides end-to-end policy issuance and management including quoting, rating, underwriting, policy generation, and reporting. The entire lifecycle of the policy is managed using convenient interface tools, flexible workflows, and automatic processes that support teamwork and productivity. Read more about BriteCore
Allay is an online platform which allows consultants & advisors to quote and model self-funded health plans in real-time. The system enables the comparison of multiple strategies & custom plans to identify the impact of components including reference-based pricing, direct primary care, and more. Read more about Allay
PolicyFlow is an insurance broking management and policy administration solution designed specifically for insurance brokers. PolicyFlow provides users with features such as quote and claims management, policy administration, and risk capture forms. Read more about PolicyFlow
Proformex is the leading inforce management platform offering data aggregation, analytics and portfolio monitoring for life insurance. Read more about Proformex
GO-INSUR brings digital transformation to the policy admin system to deliver an innovative, cloud-based insurance policy solution that's agile, robust and rapidly scalable. Built by digital insurance specialists, GO-INSUR enables you to rapidly distribute new products and drive policy sales. Read more about GO-INSUR
AdInsure is a cloud-based and on-premise standard insurance solution designed to help medium to large businesses in the insurance industry automate operations related to claims processing & recovering, accounting, policy management, and product configuration. Read more about AdInsure
CyberLife is a policy management software designed to help businesses in healthcare, automotive, banking, retail, and other industries streamline insurance claim processing operations. It enables accountants to handle business underwriting, billing, distribution management, and statutory reporting. Read more about CyberLife
Level is suitable for both business and private non-life, financial, and life insurance products. There is basic functionality for customer and policy administration and claims handling as standard. STP processing ensures high efficiency and prevents input errors. Read more about Level
ANVA Hub is a cloud-based policy administration platform for the insurance industry. It offers a solution to streamline all insurance processes with a high level of connectivity. The platform is based on an architecture of microservices, facilitating the implementation of new functionalities. Read more about ANVA Hub
Certigo Platform is designed to help businesses set up processes to handle insurance, claims, payments, and more. It helps intermediaries and insurers optimally serve policyholders. It also offers possibilities of all kinds of for further insurance product development. Read more about Certigo Platform
Shift Claims Fraud Detection is a powerful, AI-powered solution that effectively identifies individual and network-perpetrated claims fraud. This automated, SaaS-based solution flags potentially fraudulent insurance claims across all lines of business with a 75% hit rate. Read more about Shift Claims Fraud Detection
TopSail is an insurance rating software designed to help businesses issue policies, manage forms, and automate renewals. Managers can view policy effective and expiration dates, insured name, status, policy number, and agent code using a summary tab. Read more about TopSail
Damco’s InsureEdge is designed to simplify and streamline insurance operations by harnessing technology to upgrade manual processes. It helps various stakeholders in managing their day-to-day operations while holding customer experience as the primary focus. Read more about InsureEdge

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