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Aplas is an enterprise architecture software that helps businesses manage software asset metadata for project management, source code, and enterprise architecture tools from within a unified platform. Staff members can create, populate, and customize application, integration, and component indexes with fields, such as links, ratings, images,... Read more about Aplas
Wrike is a project management platform trusted by 20,000+ companies across 140 countries. Features include ready-built templates, versatile Gantt charts, customizable reports, and top-level security. Design your business plan, build a roadmap, and structure your enterprise architecture with Wrike. Read more about Wrike
BrickControl is a web software in the cloud that helps you manage your construction projects in a very powerful and simple way. Read more about BrickControl
Scientrix is an innovative, agile business architecture platform that enables leaders to structure, connect, change and manage the organization. Read more about Scientrix
Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from 200+ pre-built connectors, transforms it, and seamlessly loads the results to wherever you need them. Real-time reports & dashboards eliminate manual reporting time by 90%. No developers or SQL knowledge required. Book a demo now at! Read more about Improvado
Innoslate is a product lifecycle management & system engineering tool designed to help businesses streamline & manage their operations, project requirements, programs, & product designs. The platform enables system engineers to handle functional analysis, resources allocation, testing, & more. Read more about Innoslate
IRIS Business Architect helps enterprises design, prioritize, and launch projects and operations. Organizations can plan and adjust strategies to perform investment analysis and capacity outsourcing, define new markets, launch products, ensure compliance with statutory guidelines, and more. Read more about IRIS Business Architect
Comprehensive & Continuous platform for discovery, mapping and assessing application relationships See what’s connected to what Understand what’s been changed When it changed What was the change impact See how to fix it Read more about CodeLogic
Mission Control is a project management tool that helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. Read more about Mission Control
AdaptiveGRC is different because it has been designed and built as one, unified and integrated governance, risk management and compliance product suite. The software has a common and easy-to-use application interface and data framework throughout, allowing it to be very agile. Read more about AdaptiveGRC
Centrify's cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege secures modern enterprises & stops the leading cause of breaches -- privilege access abuse. Read more about Centrify Identity Service
Ardoq helps organizations navigate their digital transformation journey with the most flexible, data-driven and forward-thinking tool in the Enterprise Architecture industry. Our software helps businesses predict, plan, and execute change across the organization. Read more about Ardoq
Enable Sparx EA stakeholders to make smarter decisions faster by making the right information available to the right audience at the right time Read more about Prolaborate
Use database technology to transform and organize your planning processes. Help project teams function efficiently and with agility. Remove repetitive work so your staff can spend their time designing, thinking and creating. Read more about Facility Benchmarking Tool
HOPEX is a modular platform (avail SaaS or on-prem) enabling companies to build and manage IT inventory, technical obsolescence, and IT strategy roadmaps. Onboard quickly with the ServiceNow connector, enabling fast population and reciprocity ensuring technology standards meet IT policy. Read more about HOPEX Platform
Obeo SmartEA is a collaborative and graphical Enterprise Architecture solution. It supports ArchiMate, BPMN, and TOGAF. Read more about Obeo SmartEA

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