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Red Points is a brand intelligence platform that assists businesses with removing counterfeit products, eliminating online piracy, claiming/monetizing content rights, and monitoring sellers automatically to safeguard any brand’s future. Read more about Red Points
Vitrium provides Enterprise Content Security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) software for organizations that create, publish, or distribute proprietary, confidential or revenue-generating documents, images, audio and videos to protect, control access, securely distribute and track file access. Read more about Vitrium Security
Bynder’s DRM features include setting expiration, archive, and publication dates. What’s more, you can set watermarks on files or highlight special usage rights files if applicable. On top of that, access to files can be restricted to certain types or groups of users. Read more about Bynder
Digify is a secure virtual data room that allows businesses and entrepreneurs to protect and track documents, and keep control of their proprietary information Read more about Digify
Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Rights Management solution that helps companies organize and share their digital media such as images, videos, and brand guidelines. Filecamp have unlimited users in all plans, each user configured with their own set of user-, and folder permissions. Read more about Filecamp
CapLinked's proprietary FileProtect Digital Rights Management solution provides robust access controls to sensitive or valuable documents. Read more about CapLinked
NetX is a digital asset management platform for businesses of all sizes that enables users to search, browse, share and manage libraries of digital files Read more about NetX
Imagen is a digital asset management software that helps organizations and businesses in the sports and media industry store, search, view, distribute and handle videos, images, documents, and audio assets on a centralized platform. Read more about Imagen
Rightsline is a cloud-based software designed to help sales, finance, and legal teams manage intellectual property catalogs, deals, inventory, and rights via a unified portal. The platform includes a customer relationship management (CRM) module, which lets organizations create and maintain a database of companions and parties involved in deals... Read more about Rightsline
Tizra is a digital rights management software that helps businesses plan, create, and launch digital content stores and resource hubs. The platform enables administrators to organize different types of content including videos and documents in a centralized repository. Read more about Tizra
Yokoy automates the entire spend management for your company. Only special cases need to be checked manually, the rest is done by our AI. Read more about Yokoy
Sensitive Content Manager is a scalable cloud-based platform providing secure content distribution features across board or sales content management, e-learning publishing & more Read more about Sensitive Content Manager
Based on Adobe Content Server, EditionGuard is an affordable hosted eBook DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution for ePub and PDF eBooks. It can be integrated with any website via platform independent APIs, allowing for secure delivery of eBooks to dozens of compatible mobile devices and apps. Read more about EditionGuard
Imatag is a digital rights management (DRM) and data leak protection (DLP) platform for brands, corporations, media outlets, and businesses relying on visual content. It offers tools to protect and monitor NDA's and classified documents, and trace brand leaks and copyright infringements. Read more about Imatag
Safeguard PDF Security enables companies to share and sell PDF files securely. It provides persistent protection of documents regardless of their location with encryption, DRM and licensing controls. Stop unuauthorized access and control how your documents are used. Read more about Lizard Safeguard PDF Security
DRMtoday is a cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) and access control solution designed to simplify the delivery of secured premium content across a range of devices and platforms. Users can protect live, on-demand, and offline videos, enforce stream behavior, and monitor licensing activity. Read more about DRMtoday
ExpressPlay DRM is a cloud-based digital rights management (DRM) software designed to help content distributors, over-the-top (OTT) streaming, Pay-TV, and other online video operators deliver multi-screen and live and on-demand services with automatic fail-over and geo-redundancy capabilities. Read more about ExpressPlay DRM
Terentia is a modern, cloud-native, Software as a Service (SaaS) platform designed to meet today's expanding digital needs. Read more about Terentia
Verimatrix’s Cloud-Based Multi-DRM Core Offers Video Streaming Service Providers a Customizable and Scalable DRM Solution with Unmatched Onboarding Speeds and Security. Verimatrix Multi-DRM Core is compatible with Playready, Widewine and Fairplay. Read more about Verimatrix Multi-DRM Core
Smart Protection protects intellectual and industrial property rights online through AI and machine learning technologies. Read more about Smart Protection

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