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This article was originally published on 23/09/2020 Augmented reality (AR) in the Australian market unveils opportunities for potential success in the retail sector. Innovators are leading the uptake of AR in retail, here is what you need to know to adopt AR to engage consumers.  … Continue Reading

Digital wallets might have become a popular payment method these days, specifically since the pandemic. But are Australian customers comfortable with going fully cardless for daily payments? Read more to find out about customer behaviour regarding such wallets and how frequently they are being used. … Continue Reading

In part one of this two-part series on the circular economy, we investigated consumer perspectives of sustainable business practices. In this second part, we find out if consumer habits and preferences in the resale market translate into sustainable efforts. Is buying second-hand still synonymous with the environmentally conscious consumer or are consumers driven by saving money rather than the planet? Here, we find out.  … Continue Reading

Should the responsibility of waste control fall on those who manufacture products? We find out if consumers think companies are doing enough to implement anti-waste measures and promote sustainability in Australia. … Continue Reading

A cybersecurity incident response plan (CIRP) can help businesses proactively respond to cyber-attacks and data breaches. This article will discuss an incident response plan, followed by the different phases of a CRIP and what elements it should include. … Continue Reading

Do consumers prefer creating a new online account or checking out as a guest while shopping online? In this article, GetApp looks at consumer preferences regarding guest checkouts and how they can affect their purchasing behaviour. … Continue Reading

The use of tokens and rewards as an effective marketing method isn’t a new strategy to encourage customer loyalty. However, modern loyalty programs are innovating new ways for small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) to inspire customer loyalty. In this article, we evaluate five loyalty programs for your business needs.   … Continue Reading

The demand for the eCommerce market might have evolved with people switching to digital channels for everyday tasks. This study aims to understand Australian customers’ behaviour towards online shopping. Further, it also investigates why consumers potentially abandon an online purchase. … Continue Reading

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can help small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) streamline workflows and improve decision-making via automated integrations. We have narrowed down a list of Australian ERP tools that offer industry-specific construction solutions. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 17/04/2020. How many hours have you wasted hunting for a document that’s gone missing? Read further to know some file management tips to keep your documents organised. We will also discuss the benefits of digital document organisation. … Continue Reading

Are you working within a team on an important project? Complex projects have a better chance of success if everyone has a clear overview of the different participants and their individual responsibilities throughout the process. A RACI matrix template or linear responsibility chart can be used for just this purpose.  … Continue Reading

Looking for software to manage your online bookings and appointments? We have curated a list of the top five appointment scheduling software listed on GetApp Australia, along with their key features. All five tools have user ratings above 4.5/5 stars. … Continue Reading

Buy now, pay later has become a popular e-Commerce payment method during the pandemic thanks to its convenience. Unlike traditional credit cards, retailers can receive instant payments. But is flexible payment a good thing for both merchants and consumers as Australia faces rising inflation rates? … Continue Reading

In this article, we have compiled a list of three Australian HR software tools listed on GetApp Australia and their key features. The tools have over 10 user reviews and a minimum rating of 4 out of 5 stars over the past year. … Continue Reading

Any e-Commerce business should consider its customer needs first when selecting which online payment methods to use. In this article, GetApp looks at consumer concerns about online shopping and how it can affect their purchasing behaviour and preferred ways to pay. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 31/03/2020. … Continue Reading

Why invest in digital marketing?

Published on 15/06/2022 by Ojasvini

In today’s online landscape, digital marketing strategies might help businesses connect with their customers effectively. This article will talk about digital marketing benefits, and why companies should invest in it. We have also listed a few steps that could help small to midsize enterprises (SMEs) create an efficient digital marketing strategy. … Continue Reading

Building information modelling (BIM) is helping transform construction practices in Australia and facilitating digitisation in an industry that has been using outdated methods. How can a switch to BIM in construction management help industry professionals?  … Continue Reading

This article will discuss tips on how users can take back control of their personal data on the internet. We will also talk about the use of cookies and what sort of user information and data these cookies collect. … Continue Reading

Businesses can potentially create a cooperative and productive environment with the help of a suitable knowledge management tool. In this article, we have curated a list of five top knowledge management software with average overall user ratings above 4.5/5 stars listed on GetApp Australia. … Continue Reading

5 Best-rated animation software

Published on 26/04/2022 by Ojasvini

Animation software helps users create professional animated videos, images, and logos. These animations can then be used on social media platforms, websites, and for other projects. In this article, we have given a list of the five best-rated animation software with a minimum of 4/5 star user ratings. … Continue Reading

The nature of work is changing. As job automation increases, some employees may worry about their future work prospects. In this article, GetApp looks at the implementation of automation and digital skills in the workplace.  … Continue Reading

Many industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, which has seen traditional jobs undergo a digital transformation. In this article, learn more about the benefits and challenges of employee training and the overall importance of upskilling or reskilling workers during the digital age. … Continue Reading

This article was originally published on 27/05/2020. … Continue Reading

Benefits of a hybrid cloud model

Published on 27/01/2022 by Ojasvini

This article will talk about a hybrid cloud model and its benefits. We will also discuss the different types of cloud computing and whether a hybrid cloud model is right for your business. … Continue Reading

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